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The Book of Life




Kristin Buxton

Lt. Wilkes

Olí Sam, U:M:, A/B, PS!

Don Dodson

Aurora Borealis Medicine Turkey

Maui Boy

St. Hugh, KSC

Luniticus The Sane

Pope Fay the Faintly Saintly Dainty

Tars Tarkas

Padgett L. Arango

The Principia Discordia, Translated into Hypertext (credits in introduction)

Pope Max Flax Beeblewax


A bit of science


Lieutenant Wilkes 

Rev. Brother Ladysmith Buckminster Jones

Don Webb

Brother Snorri

Carl Muckenhoupt


Laramie Sasseville

Kurt Foy Booker

Yohan the Lost

othor poltus the younger


The Irreverant Fatte McGee

Prime Minister Fatty McGee

Reverend Doctor Hexar le Saipe

Misc. Images (supposedly) of Eris

People blessed by Eris

Eris, Her Friends, and Her Family

Other Gods

What the outsiders say about us

Works by Lord [INSERT NAME HERE]

Rituals by theoneflasehaddock

The Honest Book of Truth by Ho Chi Ho Chi Zen

Rules by Ginohn

St. Marc

The Kerry Thornley Home Page by Lord Omar Ravenhurst

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Stuff by Dru'el the Chaotic

Unclaimed Junk

Ridiculous Conspiracy Theories

Spells, Incantations, and Rituals by Yohan the Lost

The Principia Discordia, HCP Edition (Translation in progress...)

The older translation is available at Principia Discordia

Some of the scans are missing or poor, replacements will be welcomed.

Misc. Scans




















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