The Discordian Society Page


Here-in lies the list of POEE Cabals that are neither currently in hiding not too lazy to sign up. Add your cabal to the list.

First United Church of Kallisti
Location: Norway
Episkopos: Holyness Pope Foobar the Last

Cabal of the Red Herring
Location: Guelph, Ont., Canada
Fearless Leader: St. Dave of the Perpetual Rotary Engine, KSC, S.O.B.

Our Lady of the Vent of the Cool Cool Air Cabal with a Pencil Sharpener
Location: Rocky Mount, NC
Exec members: Rev. Kitch, Episkopos, Founder. James, Poet Lauriate, Episkopos Pro-tem. Br. John, Chaplain (Ret.)

Cabal of the Semi-Insane
Location: "the infinite rock and roll land of my mind"

Confusoid Cabal
Location: Arlington, Massachusetts.
Contact: Alexander Fenderson Pseudo

St. Yogi Bear Cabal
Location: Cologne, Germany
Contact: Pope Cereal I

Order of the Knights That Say Fnord
Location: Denver, CO.
Founder: Johnny Ass Muffin

The NeuroAtomic Order of the Nevermind! Cabal
Location: USA
Cofounder/Contact: Hicutus Confusus Episkipos (DSM)

Yellow Submarine Cabal
Founder: Rev. Lord Trippy the Raver
1751 S. 58th Street
West Allis, WI 53214

Purple Monkey Cabal
Episkopos: St. Hugh, KSC, Ignifactus of Pecan, Malaria, WW, & Stomper of Left Feet

Discordians for discord and discordianism and country and western music.
Also known as The Collective 8.
Location:Vancouver, BC Canada Founder:St.Cletus Einturzende Nasa Verbluten PigWhip

The Barry Bittwister Cabal. Proud home of Discordian Research Technology's
"Don't Read This" Daily Reporting Tally Discordian News, and the DRT
Discordian Directory

Contact: Fred

Cyberspatial Wayward Discordianistic Brotherhood And Sisterhood In No Way Connected To The POEE Except For The Principal Beliefs, DisInc. (CWDBASINWETTPOEEEFTPB, DisInc.)
Contact: Mege Vauki, Most Holy Centurion

23rd Street Chapel

The House of Hot Steamy Monkey Poon-tang and Erisian Politricks.
Location: The one GOD
Contact: POB 14555, Richmond, VA. 23221.

The Abort, Retry, Fnord? Cabal
Location: Olathe, Kansas
Founder: Dantopia RaLomodar

Cabal of the cryin' Weishaupt
Founder: POEE Chaplin Lord Antsasa Nesarhaddon Pandaemonium
Location: Germany

The Lothlorien Cabal of the Church of St. Jesu the Heretic, Discordian
Location: Southern New Jersey.
Founder/Chaplain/Contact is Episkopos Reverend Alixtii O'Krul V, ULC, TRL

F.O.E (freaks of Eris), (fraternal order of Eris), (fools of Eris), (frankenfurter over eaters) operators of the state bureau of combustible horticultural fume inhalation advance.
Location: Fresno, CA
Affiliated groups: D.W.F.B (devil worshippers for bush), organization for the research of brown paper bag hunting patterns and short sleeved suits.

The Barry Bittwister Cabal
Proud home of Discordian Research Technology\'s \"Don\'t Read This\" Daily Reporting Tally Discordian News, and the DRT Discordian Directory.

Astoundingly Annoying Alliteration Cabal
Location: Scotland
Founder: Lord [INSERT NAME HERE]

The Cabal of the Fucking and Alcoholics
Location: Germany

Church of No Dead Saints
Location: San Francisco, California
Contact: Episkopos Pope Saint Mae Victoria the Red Sage, KSC

House of the Crooked Path
Location: San Diego
Chaplin: Yohan The Lost

The Temple of Eris
Contact: St. Marc the Perpetually Amused

The Greater Winnipeg Area Discordianism Fan Club

The 23 Apples of Eris
Location: Dementia, Isle of Chaos
Contact: Prince Mu-Chao

The Enlightened Ones
Location: Brownsburg, Indiana
Contact: Episkopos Eris, Pope Magna Soahc the Elder

The Cabal of Turbulent Discord
Location: Malmoe, Sweden
Contact: Pythagore Anonymous KSC

The Sovereign Order of the Knights of St. Athelstaan the Irrelevant
Location: Birmingham, UK
Contact: His Holiness Grand Master Pope St. Pip-Peregrin III

The Panpleasant Profederacy

The International House of Pan
See: The Panpleasant Profederacy

The Erisian Temple of Zen Warlockry of the House of St. Francis (Arthurian Denomination).
See: The Panpleasant Profederacy

Wyrd Anarchistic Society
Location: vienna, austria

Qabal of Ranna I
Founded by Episkopos Ranna

The Church of Other
Location: Columbus Area, Ohio
Founder: Mostly Holy Grasworth, KTITFSOM

tis Her Majesty's Office of Bunburying and Other Victorian Sillynesses
aka Wilde Bunch
Founder - Morris Earnest Bunbury Finnegal O'Flagherty Wills Wilde (currently convinced he's a cat, living in the woods somewhere)
Contact: the Maroon Marauder





The following Cabals have just been almost discovered. As time permits, I will add them to the proper list.